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  • きもの絵巻館 TEL:025-757-9529 FAX:025-757-4139 〒948-0051 新潟県十日町市寿町3-2-15   営業時間:午前9:30~午後6:00  休 館 日:毎週月曜日(祝日は営業。年末年始を除く。)

Kimono Emakikan (The House of Kimono and Japanese Beauty)

Kimono Emakikan (The House of Kimono and Japanese Beauty)

Tokamachi-City, One of the most distinguished places for kimono in Japan. We set our base in Kimono Emakikan, a permanent exhibition center in Tokamachi-City, and always dispatch the latest information on kimono.
As a retail shop in a kimono-producing center, we serve all customers with our quality, price and good service-wide variety of kimono.
And in Kimono Emakikan, You can also find the original souvenir of Japan. When you go back to your country, it will please someone who gets it.

3-2-15, Kotobukicho, Tokamachi City
Niigata Prefecture
Tel: +81-25-757-9529
Fax: +81-25-757-4139
◆Hours on operation: 9:30-18:00
◆Closrd: everyMondays
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Yoshizawa Textile Company, Ltd.

Yoshizawa Textile Company, Ltd.

Yoshizawa Textile Company, Ltd. is a nationally renowned manufacturer of Yuzen style kimono and Japanese traditional textiles. The company is based in Tokamachi-City that is now famous for its own unique version of the kimono. Yoshizawa began manufacturing silk kimono in 1897.
What differentiates the Yoshizawa Textile Company's products is the unique dyeing technique that allows intricate full-color designs on even the finest of fabrics.
As the country's traditional clothing, the kimono with its grace and elegance represents the true spirit of Japan. For centuries, kimono has carried the traditions and cultural identity of the Japanese. Yoshizawa Textile would like to introduce their kimono to the rest of the world.

Yuzen dyeing

Yuzen dyeing

Made entirely from silk, the unique Yuzen style Kimono is the product of careful cold water dyeing and printed design, which form a lovely and tasteful creation that captures the essence of traditional Japanese apparel. The techniques were established about 300 years ago in Kyoto when hand-painted patterns were transferred to silk fabrics for the first time in Japan.
Yuzen dyeing enabled fabrics to be dyed in refreshingly variegated colors. Today Yuzen style Kimono with vivid color tones is extremely well liked and evaluated as high quality products, very representative of Japan.